Fishing Charters and Fishing Guided Trips with Full Net Charters Pensacloa Florida
Fishing Charters and Fishing Guided Trips with Full Net Charters Pensacloa Florida
Fishing Charters and Fishing Guided Trips with Full Net Charters Pensacloa Florida

Fishing Reports
Pensacola, Destin, Navaree and Gulf Shores

Navarre, Gulf Breeze, Pensacola Florida fishing forecast - Come on Spring!...

Boy - I am ready for March to get here. This is has been a long COLD winter for us here in Paradise. Looking at the long range forecast we will be in the 70 ties for several days next week! Yea come on!


March is time for the Specks to start moving up close to the flats and with all the rain we’ve had I’ll bet we’ll have a banner season.


The slots Red fish will be slightly ahead of the Specks; that’s a good thing.


Then as always the fish from the jail house Mr. Bait stealer himself; the Sheepshead will be in full force.

Towards the end of March we’ll see the Cobia migration happening too!


There’s Lots to look forward to in the next 2 months. If you’re planning a trip down to our area please give me a call, I’d love to get you out there and catch some fishes!

Be blessed

Capt. Eddie

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December into January Fishing can be HOT - cold temps. HOT fishing!...

January’s Best Bet -- In January I look for the blue bird sky days with a light north wind. This is the time to head into the gulf and hit the near shore reefs and load up on Flounder. I’m looking for the reefs that have bait on them.  You find the ones with bait, you’ll find the fish. Remember, you can keep the Mangrove snapper; they are very good table fare and a great bonus to compliment a nice catch of Flounder.

Next and as always this time of the year are the Bull Red Fish; there will be plenty of them for us to cast to all the way through April and into May. During this time of the year the water is as clear as it gets. This is the fly fisherman’s time of year for his best bet to sight fish for a trophy Bull Red Fish. Depending on the currents and winds we will anchor up and wait for the fish to come to us or when the winds are right we can drift and cover more ground. Spin casting small jigs and fly casting to the fish are a must. Clear water and big fish can be frustrating. We will also be casting to shallow water False Albacore.  The sun warms the shallow water in the surf and these Albacore have learned that the bait is in just inches of water right on the beaches. Then, when conditions are good, we can anchor in close and cast to them or get out of the boat and walk the beach and cast to them.

A big thank you to all the readers of Woods’ n Water magazine and guest that have found me via the web site who contacted me in 2013, I’m looking forward to the 2014 season, and it’s getting started with lots of phone calls already!


Here’s wishing each and every one of you very prosperous New Year!

Capt. Eddie

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Fall fishing is in Full Net Charters wheel house now! - It’s been to long since I blogged…. I apologize! I promise to keep more timely reports and pictures available for your enjoyment in the upcoming seasons! Capt. Eddie ...

Fall is here and so are the Bull Red’s!

It’s been a banner season for Full Net Charters L.L.C. and I’d like to take a minuet to thank each and every one of you for making it happen. I’m looking forward to the 2014 season as I’m already booking dates for the more popular times of the year. Like the Red Snapper season and Spring Break, so if you’re making plans to visit our little piece of Paradise in 2014, I’d like the opportunity to be a part of making memories that last a life time.


I know a lot of fishermen and fisherwomen are hunters also. We all share a very deep need for the outdoors, it’s tremendously addictive! Just like my friend and TV host O’Neill Williams, he’s an avid hunter and fisherman. He has taken time out from the deer stand this fall to come down and do a show on catching the Bull Red Fish here on the beautiful Gulf Coast. I’ll keep ya posted as to how we do and when the show will air.


So when you limit out or get all the venison you need for the freezer, take a weekend and come on down and have some fun catching these Bull Red Fish. There’s nothing else that I know of that you can have this much fun at with your clothes on or within the law than catching 30 or 40 - 25+ pound fish on light tackle!  Just to get to see so many Red Fish on top bashing bait pods and blowing bait out of the water is worth the price of admission!


This action will continue through January so you have plenty of time to schedule yourself a well needed weekend away catching instead of wishing.


The Flounder migration is in full swing also. Catching these tasty flat fish will be easier and easier over the upcoming weeks. All around the passes and out on the near-shore reefs in the Gulf is where you will find them. You probably know from reading past reports…. have you some finger mullet if at all possible. They will eat just about anything as they prepare for the spawn, you can catch Flounder on fly fishing tackle if you want to.


Here’s to wishing you all a Merry Christmas, may all your dreams and wishes come true!

Have a Blessed and Happy New Year!

Capt. Eddie

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Pensacola Fishing Charter - Spring is winding down and summer is just around the corner...

Let’s get to the meat of it, RED SNAPPER… June 1st till July 15th is this year’s season in State Waters (out to nine nautical miles). I’ve been out there catching Amberjacks over the last couple of weeks and let me tell you, there are a lot of Red Snapper on the reefs that I’ve been fishing - BIG ONES! This is definitely at the top of the list!

The beach fishing is next; King Mackerel are abundant around the schools of bait just out off the beach. Schools of False Albacore and Spanish mackerel are here for the light tackle and fly fisherman to have fun with. I’m starting to see pods of Tarpon on a regular basic also.

The inshore fishing is in the summer pattern. The big Specks have finished their first spawn of the season and are getting harder to catch. Go early in the morning using top water lures like the walk the dog plugs. I’ll catch slot Red Fish in a lot of different places; during mid-day I’m sight casting to them on the shallow sand flats and docks that have a roof on them that cast a shadow.

The past three months have been real good. I got to see a lot of my guest that I’ve grown to be good friends with over the years and I’ve gotten to meet a lot of new friends. Here’s a big thank you to all of you and I’m looking forward to seeing each and every one of you again next year!

 “My father didn’t tell me how to live; he lived and let me watch him do it.”

Thanks for reading

Capt. Eddie

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Pensacola Fishing Charter - Fishing report...

Spring has arrived FINNALY ---- still 38 degrees this morning with a high near 65 degrees forecasted. I’ll take it!

Sheepshead are doing well down around the passes. Live bait - fiddler crabs, or Shrimp are your best bet.  Use a Carolina rig with only as much weight as you need to get it to the bottom. Remember these fish don’t have stripes on their side for no reason ---- they’re THEIVES, bait thieves that is. The first thump you feel is them grabbing the bait and in just a few seconds you’ll feel another thump, that’s him spitting out the hook. Set the hook after the first thump.

Speckled trout are all messed up due to the cold weather, as soon as we get a 4 or 5 day warming trend (it looks like it’s on the way) these fish will take off.  I’ll be spending more time fishing for those fish in the next few weeks.

Slot Reds slowed way down during this cold snap, although they’re responding quickly. Big schools of red fish are all over the bay systems in our region now. Fish close to some kind of structure, grass, oysters, docks etc……

Pompano are showing up in good numbers, a little slow to eat but you can catch them if you’re patience.

Cobia – are slowly making a presence, I’ve heard of 6 or so fish being caught in the last few days.

Get out there and get ya some, GOOD TIME!

Be blessed

Capt. Eddie

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Spring Break is here! - Inshore Fishing Navarre, Gulf Breeze, Pensacola Beach Florida...

The Speckled Trout bite is getting better every day. It’s still a couple of weeks away before they’ll get good, although if you spend a little time looking you can catch some good ones now. Their first spawn is not far away which puts the big females up in the shallow water. Don’t kill these big breeder fish, handle them with care take a picture then release them. I’m catching most of my better fish on big live shrimp. While these big female fish are roaming the deeper water adjacent to the grass flats in preparation for their spawn, live shrimp are an easy meal and this is one of their main food sources. If you drag one close to Ol’ Gator mouth she’ll eat it weather she is hungry or not! Artificial baits are catching fish also; use big dog walking top water early in the 6 to 8 foot of water close to deep structure and sub-surface jerk minnows after the sun gets up good.


Slot Red Fish are all over Santa Rosa Sound from Gulf Breeze to Navarre. Grass flats and docks will produce fish. Use gold spoons on the flats and shrimp around the docks.


The big Spanish will be showing up in just a few weeks. You can catch these fish in the five to seven pound range very consistently. If you put a seven pound Spanish mackerel on the end of a 10 pound test spinning outfit or an 8 weight fly rod and you got yourself a hand full!!


Bull Reds are plentiful on the beach. Cast a SPRO ¾ oz. Magic Bus bucktail jig to the Red Fish. Oh and It won’t be long before the big schools of Crevalle Jacks start to show up. Use big top water Chug Plugs to catch the Jacks.


Pompano are stacked up on the beach. Use sand fleas or a standard Pompano jigs to land these tasty speedsters.  I would head to the east out of Pensacola Pass or to the west from Destin and hit the wash outs and drainage cuts coming off the sand bar closest to the beach.


Thank you for reading my reports, light winds and Big Fish!

God Bless

Capt. Eddie

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Spring Break is getting close! - warmer temps means hungry fish...

Spring Break in Paradise! With the temperatures getting into the 70ties the last few days it’s got me thinking that spring is not far away. The fish are thinking the same thing too.


Speckled Trout - are still mostly in the canals and rivers right now, I bet it won’t be long till they are on the move to finding food in the shallower waters.

Slot Red fish - are already making their way back to the docks and shallow grass flats in search of something to eat.

Spring Pompano - are on the move, lots of fish in around the passes.  I’m catching them in the same areas that I’m looking for the early Sheepshead to be.

There are some Sheepshead - starting to show up, but mostly the small males the larger females won’t be far behind.

Bull Red fish - are making a good push out of the bays, you can still find some up in the bays crashing schools of bait, but you won’t find many. Most of these fish will be caught searching the shallow water along the beaches. This style of fishing takes a lot more patience and skill. PLEASE if you’re out there looking and trying to learn, run to your area outside and away from the beach.  There is nothing more frustrating than to be stalking a school of happy Red Fish, then have a boat come down the beach at WOT and run right over the top your school of fish. Hint – if you see a boat up close to the beach, GO TO THE SOUTH (or north if you’re fishing the beaches in the bay) OF THE BOAT – DO NOT GO BETWEEN THE BOAT AND THE BEACH!!!! PLEASE!!!!

Flounder - are mostly done with their spawn. You’ll still catch some around the near shore structure, especially the ones that have lots of bait still on them.

False Albacore – are still close to the beach and are being sought after by fly-fishermen. What can ya say about the mighty speedster, let’s do it!


This will about cover the inshore fishing for late February - early March - as for the Offshore Fishing; well unless you’re going Tuna or Wahoo fishing just stay inshore. I’ve seen several nice Marlin catches also. Now’s the time to head way south in search of these mighty species, if you’re so inclined to do so!


Just a heads up, Marine Fisheries hasn’t set a Red Snapper season yet. It looks like it could go to somewhere around a 30 day season. (the month of June) I have already booked 10 days in June; this only leaves 20 days to book for the Snapper season (if it goes to 30 days). Go ahead and give me a call if you’re intrested


Thanks for reading my reports, be safe out there and have fun!

Capt. Eddie




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O'Neill Williams TV show - O'Neill Outside fishing show...

The TV show that I filmed with TV host O’Neill Williams (O’Neill Outside) will air the week beginning Monday February 11th, his show airs on - Sun Sports - Mondays at 6am, and Saturday’s at 9am - NBC Sports - Tuesday’s at 3:30pm and Friday’s at 1pm - Sport South – Sunday’s at 9am, Tuesday’s at 4:30 pm and Thursday’s at 3pm.

Take a look and give us feedback, we are planning another show and want to do a show on what our fans want to learn about fishing this area.

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Red October - RUNNING of the BULL REDS!! ...

There’s nothing I like better than waking up to 60 degree temperatures on these fall mornings, especially after such a long hot summer. Every month this year has been record setting months for Full Net Charters, both business and catching fish. There’s more Slot Red Fish, big Spanish mackerel, a ridiculous number of Red Snapper, Speckled Trout, Big Bay Grouper, King Mackerel, Pompano I even caught my first ever Permit in Pensacola bay a few weeks back, I could just go on and on. I think you get the picture though.  The fishing has been great so far this year and don’t expect anything less for the next two months!

November’s Best Bets ---- you should know by now; the RUNNING of the BULL REDS!! For those of you that haven’t had the chance to experience this phenomenon; well - it’s hard to explain on paper.  To be sitting on a school of a thousand, twenty pound Red Fish eating everything that moves will get you heart rate going into overload, if not you’re dead! 

These big schools of Red Fish live the summer months in the deeper waters of the Gulf, in the fall when it’s time to spawn these schools start a migration to the pass along the Gulf Coast. They’ll lay their eggs on the big incoming tides so that the eggs will flow into the bays systems and hatch. This is why we have a great population growth of the slot sized Red Fish now. This is results of the conservation efforts of the Marine Fisheries and angler’s working together to grow the population back to a healthy number.

After the spawn these fish will take advantage of the bait that is pouring out of the back waters of the bays in search of a safe haven for the cooling waters. Only to be greeted by thousands of oversized Red Fish with raging appetites. November, December and January will produce a lot of great days on the water catching big fish.

On a more serious note, please be careful with these fish, they are oversized Red Fish that are illegal to keep in Florida. Practice good catch and release techniques like not using lures that have treble hooks on them. Those big trolling plugs that have huge treble hooks are the worst thing a person can use. You catch a fish on one of these lures and he will end up with hooks in the eyes, throat, gills, stomach etc…. and then when you try and pull these massive hooks out of the fish you’ll create wounds that can be terminal for the fish. Change out the trebles for a single J hook, use lead head jigs and a soft plastic, a buck tail jig is one of my favorite lures.

After the catch handle the fish with care; don’t gaff the fish!!!! I’m serious – I’ve seen people gaff these fish and then try releasing them. A big net is the best way to land these fish, if you don’t have a big net then lead the fish along boat side. When you wear these fish down they will roll over and belly up, just reach down and support the fish under the stomach and head and gently lift him out of the water. Lay him in the floor of the boat and remove the hook and get ready for a Kodak moment. Another important note; don’t hang the fish by the jaw on a gripping device - like a Boga Grip. Not only will you break the jaw you’ll put a lot of strain on the internal organs that can lead to death for the fish. Always support the belly of a fish while holding them up for pictures. I’ve also seen people keep these illegal fish.  I have this number programed into my phone and a note pad and pen in the dash – FWC Wildlife Alert hotline: 888-404-FWCC (888-404-3922) I will and have used it many times. If you witness any illegal activity write down the registration numbers of the boat and call it in! Don’t try and intervene if a person is breaking the law, they don’t have any respect for they law and who knows what else they might do.

November has a lot more in store for the avid saltwater angler, but if you’re into catching big fish on light tackle and fly - tackle, now’s your time to shine!!   

Be safe out there and thanks for reading my reports!

Capt. Eddie   

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Pensacola Guide Service - Full Net Charters - June's Best Bet...

June’s Best Bets - It’s seeing Red. Big Red Snapper on the near shore reefs are beginning to be very common. While fishing these reefs over the last few weeks for Amberjack; I’ve been pulling up some real quality Red Snapper. Several topping the scales over twenty pounds.

Now, you’re not going to just pull up on one of these public reefs and drop down a dropper rig on 80 pound tackle using rotten squid and expect to catch one of these trophy fish. I use the best super lines from Stren and top of the line Avet reels with super drags, top of the line rods to handle the abuse a twenty pound Snapper can deliver, use the smallest weights as possible, use Stern Coral Mist fluorocarbon leaders, extra strong Gamakatsu inline circle hooks and here is the most important part - good lively baits - Big baits! Some of the biggest Red Snapper that I have ever caught have been on big 10 inch Gulf LY’s. With this years Red Snapper season at just 40 days, there’s no time to fool around, make your plans early and capitalize on this great fishery that has been built here in this little piece of paradise. 

Backwater in Blackwater is the place for June. Try the east side of Blackwater Bay, from I-10 south to Escribano Point. Check the tide tables and fish it on a full tide. Be sure and work all the stuff around the Yellow River Basin and Catfish Basin and you’ll have a blast with the shallow water stuff here. You’ll find that the Speckled Trout are still plentiful. Although you’ll have to get a little earlier start to catch numbers of them, the later it gets in June the more nocturnal these Specks will get. Stay with the dog walking plugs as long as they are coming to the top to greet them. When they stop chasing top water plugs tie on sub-surface jerk bait and catch a few more.

For the Red Fish watch for the schools of mullet, these fish follow the schools of mullet around picking off the crabs and shrimp that they spook as they are combing the flats. Go with the tried and tested 1/2oz Gold Johnson Silver minnow, work it slowly over the grass and around the standing reeds.

Be safe out there and enjoy your summer. Thanks for reading my articles and if you ever have any questions feel free to call, I love to talk fishing.

Capt. Eddie


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Pensacola Guide Service fishing report - April - 12-13 & 16-17 were four good days of inshore near shore fishing here in Paradise ...

April - 12-13 & 16-17 were four good days of inshore near shore fishing here in Paradise with one of Pensacola’s most sought after and experienced guide services Full Net Fishing Charters and Captain Eddie Woodall.

The Speckled Trout bite is getting better every day. By looking at the roe in the ones that I cleaned yesterday, I’m guessing that their first spawn is not far away. (Maybe two weeks) I’m still getting most of my better fish on live shrimp; artificial baits are catching fish on top water and sub-surface jerk minnows.

Lots of Slot Red Fish are all over Santa Rosa Sound from Gulf Breeze to Navarre. Grass flats and docks will produce fish, gold spoons on the flats and shrimp around the docks.

Some of the biggest Spanish that I’ve seen in a long while are here right now. I’ve been catching these fish in the five to seven pound range very consistently. Put a seven pound Spanish on the end of a 10 pound test spinning outfit and you got yourself a hand full!!

Bull Reds and Crevalle Jacks are plentiful on the beach. Cast jigs to the Red Fish and big top water Chug Plugs to the Jacks.

Pompano are plentiful - there are as many being caught right now as I’ve seen in a while. All this big south wind over the last five days has really stacked them up close to the beach.

I have 5 of the last 11 days of April still open. If ya want to get in on the action, give me a call!

Thanks for reading my reports and have a blessed day

Capt. Eddie

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Destin, Navarre, Pensacola Florida inshore fishing report - Pensacola Guide Service fishing report ...

April is really a good month for me. This goes for catching fish, not just fishing - or a glorified boat ride around the bay (what you get if you don’t do your homework when you decide to hire a fishing guide). I see it every day. Don’t get me wrong as I write this, I’m not bashing newcomers in the business. I am sending out a warning to those of you who have no experience hiring a guide.

Anybody can hire a company to build a web site, and then pay Google to sponsor it so that it’s at the top of the page when you do a search. So while doing your web search, don’t be fooled by the catchy high powered web sites that are out there. Read between the lines and be careful when making expensive choices. It amazes me that some people profess to be the greatest fisherman out there and then only fish a few times a year. There’s no way that person can compete with a full time fishing guide that fishes 200 days a year.

I got a call last night from a guest and the first thing he asked me was - will I be fishing with you - 1st gold star for him. Next thing he asked was – will we have live bait available if needed - 2nd gold star (the best guides won’t leave the dock without a live well full of good bait) I’m beginning to like this guy. 3rd thing was - what are your expectations for catching fish at the time he was going to be in town – 3rd gold star, then the next was the most important question of all - are you a full time guide – 4th gold star. This guy made straight A’s, simply put these are all good questions that every guest should ask their potential investment; after all I don’t like throwing away $500.00 either!!!

Enough venting, by the way it’s you the guest that suffers, not the fly by night weekend wanna be.

After fishing the last 13 days in a row, even on the 3 rainy days we had, I’m glad to have this Easter weekend off. The weather is at least 3 weeks early. The water temperature yesterday was 75 degrees. Just name your tune and we can catch it. Red Fish slot and Bulls, Speckled Trout, Pompano, Crevalle Jack, big Spanish (as big as I’ve ever seen this early in the year) King Mackerel, Flounder, Sheepshead and if we go out to the near shore reefs the Amberjack will try to eat the prop off the boat. I had a pair of fifty pound Cobia under the boat yesterday. We didn’t get one to take the jig; we were a little slow getting it in front of them. When you hit them in the back it’ll spook’em.

I’ll let the pictures finish this report, be sure and check out my photo album to see more recent picture of guest and the catches.

Happy Easter to all and God be with you and all your loved ones!



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Pensacola Guide Service fishing report - Florida’s Emerald Coast fishing report – Destin, Ft. Walton, Navarre, Gulf Breeze & Pensacola ...

March is over half gone and if you gauged it by weather alone; you would think it was May already. Lots of rain and nice warm weather has the Florida’s Emerald Coast fishing really happening. The Speckled Trout bite has been very good for this time of the year, these fish are holding close to deep water just in case the weather turns cold, I don’t think they have anything to worry about.

Live bait is going to catch your Gator Trout, try using jumbo shrimp or croakers. I’m not into catching 20 - fifteen inch trout; I’m after the big girls. On an average I’ll catch twenty plus Specks over five pounds every spring. You’re not going to have success just using artificial baits alone. You’ll fool one now and then but you’re odds increase 100 fold by using good live baits.

There seems to be an abundant of Flounder in the same places that I’m catching my Specks, I’m guessing that the above normal water temp’s are aiding to this.

Red Fish on the flats are in big schools already. Fly Casters are having a good time casting to these fish in the clear shallow waters of Santa Rosa Sound.

Old faithful Mrs. Sheepshead is really ganged up in the passes right now, along with a lot of other species of fish like Red Snapper, Black Drum, Spanish mackerel, Flounder, Sharks and Red Fish. If all else fails head to the pass and rub elbows with all the rest of the boats down there.

The beach is going to be HOT in a few days. As soon as this weather breaks you won’t have to look hard to find me. Just head to the beach and you’ll find me catching Bull Red Fish, Pompano and Crevalle Jacks.

The King Mackerel have made their way up the coast in a big way. I walked out on to Navarre Beach Pier today and saw 5 caught in about ten minutes – WOW; Mother Nature can really pitch you a curve ball. We shouldn’t have King’s here until late April.

I have a handful of days left open in April, and the way the phone is ringing I’m sure they will book soon.

Have a safe Spring Break and thanks for reading my reports

Capt. Eddie


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Florida’s Emerald Coast fishing report – Destin, Ft. Walton, Navarre, Gulf Breeze & Pensacola - The first Cobia will be caught along the Emerald Coast this month, let’s see – ...

Hard to believe it’s already March 2012, this late winter early spring has been the warmest we’ve had in a long while. The water temperature is way above normal. We’ll still have a little cold front push through now and then; not to worry though - the days are getting longer and the fish are getting hungry!


The first Cobia will be caught along the Emerald Coast this month, let’s see – my prediction for this year is March 14th. It’s usually towards the end of the month, with all this warm weather I’m pulling my guess back by a couple of weeks. It’ Spring Ling Time!!

Flounder are making their way back into the bays! Drag a finger mullet around deeper structure in and around the passes then hit the inshore structure like docks and bridges. You’ll catch’em on artificial baits also. Try lead head jigs and plastic shrimp in the same places. These fish are hungry and will eagerly take anything moving.
You’ll still find some big schools of Bull Red Fish in the bays. Keep your eyes peeled for the flocks of pelicans hitting the water; odds are there are red fish close by. I like casting SPRO’s one and half ounce bucktail jigs at them and my favorite color is magic bus.

Fly fishermen – now’s your time to shine! The water is clear and lots of Red Fish are on the beaches. When we get the light north wind to calm the surf; it’s on like wild fire - HOT!!! Pompano are also making a good run right now. A lot earlier than normal – I guess because of the unusually warm water. You’ll need an 8wt floating line to cast to the Pompano, a 9wt sinking line for the deep Red Fish and a 9wt floating if the fish are riding high close to the surface. I also keep the 10wt floating with a big popper at the ready in case a school of Crevalle Jacks come down the beach. I’ll also cast it to the Red Fish that are riding close to the surface at times they really crush a top water fly.

Back to the spinning tackle, our Sheepshead - aka - inshore Snapper’s; are already making a big push to the passes. This is a staple for us every spring. Not only do these fish make excellent table fare they also put up a great fight on light tackle. The bait of choice is shrimp, they would rather have a fiddler crab 10 to 1 any day, but the problem is they’ll crush the crab and suck the goodies out of it and spit out the remints with your hook. Now if you have a good feel and are quick to pull the trigger (set the hook) then by all means use crabs. On the other hand when they take a shrimp they tend to want to swallow it, which in turn means they will have it in their mouth longer, that’s why it’s easier to increase your catch ratio when using shrimp. Spinning tackle in the 15lb range with the appropriate amount of weight to hold it on or close to the bottom is very important. I’ll see a lot of folks with 3 and 4 foot of leader below the weight. Well let’s look at it this way. These guys are crustacean feeders! Well where do these crustacean live? Not 3 or 4 foot off the bottom, they live in the rocks. Use no more than ten or twelve inches of leader and you’ll increase you catch, I promise! I use small J hooks like the very strong Gamakatsu Live Bait hook in #1 size, you may think it looks small but the Sheepshead has a small mouth and very powerful jaws, built for crushing their prey and hooks.

March is the month that I’ll start fishing hard for the Gator Trout. The big females are making their way to the shallower water in preparation for their first spawn. It’s when the first of the shrimp hatch starts and there’ll be big schools of finger mullet for them to gorge themselves on. If you’ve got your sights set on a trophy Speck better get it in gear!

March and April are the months that jump start my fishing season. Spring Break is just a few weeks away and my calendar is starting to show it. If you’re gonna be visiting the Emerald Coast for your spring or summer vacation, be sure and give me a call or drop me an email and book your family a fishing trip. Mother Nature will offer you something that you can cherish for a lifetime.

Fish come and go, it’s the memories of days spent on the water that I endure!

Thanks for reading my reports,

Capt. Eddie



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Florida’s Emerald Coast fishing report – Destin, Ft. Walton, Navarre, Gulf Breeze & Pensacola - let's go fishin!!!!...

We sure have been having a mild winter here on the Emerald Coast. With this the Flounder are still in the Gulf on the near shore reefs in 45 foot of water. Use bull minnows or finger mullet for bait.


Sight fishing for Bull Red Fish on the Beach when the wind is blowing the right way is getting better. Look for them in 5 to 10 foot of water and use small spoons or SPRO’s ½ or ¾ ounce bucktail jigs. The most productive way to entice one to the boat is a well-placed cast with a fly.


There are lots of Little Tunny on the beach and around the passes in the rip currents. Fly casters are having the best luck with these speedsters for they are gorging themselves on the tiniest glass minnows right now.


Speckled Trout are in the bayous and canals (mostly small but still some keepers mixed in). If White Trout interest you look in the bays on the deep structure (bridges and bay reefs), small silver spoons will catch them with ease.


You can catch and release all the Red Snapper you want on the near shore and bay reefs. Rig up for Trigger fish while you’re there, last time out I caught several nice ones. (Yummy)

Some big schools of Bull Red Fish are still in the Bays, watch for the birds. They’ll give up their location in a heartbeat. Don’t be fooled by the loons though, there are an abundance of those critters here now and can cause quite the commotion.


Head north to the river basins for the most productive bite on Speckled Trout, just a mile or so up the rivers and out to the flats where they dump into the bays and you should catch all the specks you want right now. Slow troll a sinking mirror lure or a jig head and grub tail to locate them. Once you find them anchor up and see what you can do with them. Remember that you can keep the Specks in February now.


Spring Break will be here before you know it. If you have any questions about this great place that I live, feel free to call anytime.


Thanks for reading my reports.


Capt. Eddie

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Pensacola, Navarre, Destin Florida 2011 winter fishing report - The Emerald Coast of North West Florida is a great place to visit during the winter. Fly Fishing and Spin Fishing....

The Emerald Coast of North West Florida is a great place to visit during the winter. Our temperatures average in the forties at night and in the sixties during the days. I look for the blue bird sky days with a light north wind. Those are the days that I’ll head into the gulf and hit the near shore reefs to see if there are any Flounder left out there. The weather during December has been very mild; this will typically keep the Flounder migrating out into the Gulf through the month of December.  There are a lot of new near shore reefs that have been built over the last few years; I’m looking forward to checking them out soon. I’ll be looking for the ones that have bait on them.  You find the ones with bait, you’ll find the fish. Red Snapper will be plentiful, catch and release is a blast. Remember, you can keep the Mangrove snapper; they are very good table fare and a great bonus to compliment a nice catch of Flounder.

All the big Hype is still the Running of the Bull Reds. There are still thousands of these fish still here in the Bays and on the beaches. Spin fishing and Fly casters alike are having their fill catching these fish!!!

Here’s wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!!!

Capt. Eddie



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11/01/11 Emerald Coast Fishing Report - 11/01/11 Emerald Coast Fishing Report Navarre, Destin, Pensacola Florida ...

It the season for the Running of the Bulls, are you ready for some Red Fish action! Even though there are still other fish to catch the anticipation of seeing the big schools of Bull Red Fish sometimes numbering in the thousands all up on the surface in a major feeding frenzy is just too much. I’ve seen it a hundred times it still makes my heart rate go up a few notches.

I got on a nice size school of several hundred fish in the bay last Thursday; so there are some in the bay now. I’ve been catching them out on the beach and in the passes for the last three to four weeks just not in the major big schools yet. It won’t be long before you’ll be able to find them with a lot more ease.

The weather has been real good for us the last three weeks and is looking good for the next seven days. There are still lots of Big Spanish around, Kings in Pensacola Bay up by the port and 3-mile bridge. There’s been a lot of nice Bay Grouper caught over the last week to ten days. I haven’t been lucky enough to catch any over five pounds but I’ve heard of several over fifteen pounds being caught.  

Slot sized Red Fish are on the docks in good number right now, so if the bays are rough get on the lee side of the sound and hit the deeper docks with live shrimp and you’ll catch a limit of Red Fish in a hurry.

Flounder are on the move to their spawning grounds. Several of my friends that do a lot of gigging have been going pretty regular over the last two weeks they are still not killing a lot of them but it’s getting better and with this recent cold front passing through I’ll bet it’s going to be better.

The Speckled Trout are on the move too. They’re up on the flats in the three to six foot of water ambushing the big schools of LY’s and finger Mullet that are moving through. Use live bait to match or big Mullet type plugs.

You Fly Fishermen need to be ready; the next thirty days is going to go by fast. Now is the time to experience a thrill of a lifetime. A nine or ten weight rod, floating line with a nine foot long leader a twenty five pound test fluorocarbon tippet with a deceiver tied on the end will catch these fish with ease.  

This is a great place that I live in; I love to share its beauty with other anglers alike. Give me a call and let’s enjoy the offerings that are here for the taking.

Thanks for reading my reports.

Have a blessed day!

Capt. Eddie





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Destin, Navarre, Pensacola Florida inshore fishing report - The Emerald Coast Fall Fishing Is really heating up! ...

It’s time…… If you haven’t made your plans to visit the Gulf Coast for some of the best Bull Red fishing that there is, then it’s time. It’s a cool 48 degrees this morning with blue bird skies. I’ll bet right now there’s a school of Reds up on top of the water slamming a pod of menhaden.

The best bet has been the BIG Spanish mackerel that I’ve been catching, look out on the beaches and you’ll see lots of bait fish activity and these big Spanish are following them around.  Live bait is your best option for these speedsters, although they will take a sub-surface jerk minnow with ease. I have also been able to get them to hit the spoons at times, but if it’s the big ones you’re after… LIVE BAIT is the ticket.

The Flounder are making their way to the Gulf for their annual spawn. The catching part is still on and off a bit, but don’t go without a finger mullet or pin fish to drop around some of the deep structure around the passes. They’ll be more and more of them showing up each day.

There’s more slot Red Fish on the inshore structure than I’ve ever seen. Lots of nice size slots are available for the taking. All you have to do is go!

Bull reds are coming in wave after wave; lots of mullet are migrating out of the bays and heading south. These schools of bronze beauties are out on the beaches just waiting on them for an easy meal. I found a school of Reds about two miles to the west of Pensacola Pass doing just that on Friday, and what a sight for sore eyes! It was NICE.

Out on the near-shore reefs the Amberjack bite is good. Lots of nice Red Snapper are there and hungry. Be careful when releasing the Red Snapper they will live a healthy life if you’re careful. The Grouper are moving around and can be caught in the bays and on the reefs in the Gulf. To catch the big Grouper you’ll still have to get into the 200+ foot of water.

Thanks for reading my reports and give me a call if you have any questions.

If I only fished to catch fish, my fishing would have ended a long time ago!

Be blessed,

Capt. Eddie


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Destin, Navarre, Pensacola Florida inshore fishing report - august is almost done...

Fishing in late August can be very interesting; to say the least. There are more jellyfish than I’ve ever seen before. We are catching BIG Spanish mackerel that you’d swear they were King Mackerel. Lots of Red fish in the passes and Amber Jack on the near shore reefs. In the bays you’ll find loads of the garbage can slams - Red Fish on the docks, Spanish mackerel, Speckled Trout, Pompano, Blue Fish, Lady Fish and some Bull Red Fish along the Grass flats on the south side of the sound near Pensacola Pass. Flounder on just about any structure in Pensacola bay from the I-10 Bridge to Fort Pickens pier.

I’m really looking forward to the fall season that’s headed this way. We got word the Fisheries Management has slated for a fall Red Snapper season. It looks like 345,000 pounds more fish to be caught? My guess would be two three day weekends. I’ll keep ya posted. Lots of Bull Red Fish are already showing up I’ll bet the fall season is going to be awesome!


Thanks for reading my reports!

Have a blessed day

Capt. Eddie

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Pensacola, Navarre, Destin Florida 2011 Summer fishing report - August best bets are the pelagic fish ---...

July is coming to a close and it’s hard to think that the summer is winding down already. School starts back soon and the crowds of tourist will start to lessen. It in a way is good to see but on the other hand it will be a close to another chapter in the life of a fishing guide on the Florida Panhandle.

There are a lot of people; anglers, charter boat captains, recreational fishermen, fishing guides and commercial fishermen that are really upset with all the new conservation measures that are being applied to the fishing industry lately. I have a firsthand view as to the results of what will happen when the Marine Resources division constructs artificial reefs and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission apply regulations. Just a few short years ago we were doing all we could to catch a limit of Red Snapper in the sixteen to eighteen inch size range and we really had to work for them. This past season even though it was the shortest season for Red Snapper to date we had a banner catch with our average fish being twenty-four inches (that fish will weigh eight pounds all day long). And we caught a bunch of fish that went well over that. All the fish that were caught and released were released with lots of care, our survival rate was very high. And you would think that you would catch a lot of undersize fish, well that’s just not the case. With lots of practice and many days on the water catching and learning their habits, I’ve developed a system that has been proved over and over again. Some days are easy and some you have to work very hard to make it happen. All in all my hats off to the people that have worked hard to make and keep our fishery at the level that is today. And by the way I’m not just talking about the Red Snapper, there are more Red Fish here now than I’ve ever seen, more and bigger Spanish mackerel than you can shake a stick at, a Speckled Trout population that is as good as it gets in the panhandle and I could go on and on but I think you get the point CONSERVATION works! Thanks to all those who have made it happen!

August best bets are the pelagic fish, keep your reels drag well-tuned because you’ll need it. There are lots and will be even more Spanish and King Mackerel showing up close to the passes over the next month. You’ll find the schooling Spanish on the beaches and in the bays, look for the birds over the schooling fish and cast gold and silver spoons into them. This is where the high speed reels come in handy. These fish like that lure moving fast, let’s put it this way you can’t reel it fast enough! Out in the Gulf around the sea buoys and near shore reefs is where you’ll find the big Spanish and Kings. I’ll use a sabiki rig and catch up a couple of dozen good lively baits and set up a drift (if the wind and currents are right) or slow troll the baits in the general vicinity of the bait schools. I’ll also keep a couple of shallow diving stick baits rigged and at the ready, if the bite is slow I’ll put out the lure and slow troll it in front of the live baits, sometimes it will get hit more than the live baits and it’ll also act as an attractor to your spread of live baits.

I’ve already seen several schools of Bull Red Fish moving in from the deep water as they are preparing their selves for the annual fall spawn that’ll start to happen in September and go until November.  This means we’ll start seeing more and more fish around the deep structure in the passes and bays. Keep a look out as you come in from the Gulf and you’ll start to see schools of the Bronze Beauties as they make their way into the bays.

The slot Red Fish and Speckled Trout bite on the flats has been slow, the water is just too hot. Wait till night fall and fish the dock lights and you’ll find success at catching your Specks. Hit the deepest docks in the sound and work real slow to catch your Red Fish. They are there – just real tight to the cover.

Remember that the best fall fishing is the last two weeks of October and the first two weeks on November, my calendar is starting to fill up already, be sure and give me a call well in advance to schedule you a day or two fishing here on the Emerald Coast of Florida.

Remember; fishing isn’t always about catching!  (But it helps)

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